Saturday, October 8, 2011

Google + Hangout YouTube Videos


I've been waiting for some others to pioneer Google Plus's new feature, Hangout. For those who are not following the latest initiative by Google, their Google Plus combination of features which is competing with Facebook for what they think is a smarter version of social networking for the adult crowd - contains a video-conferencing feature called "Hangout".

Here are links to some of the recent experiments with it by the first collections of beta-testers. I think it may hold some promise as a means to reduce travel times and expense for nonprofit organization board of director meetings.

Photography Workshop
KOMU's Live transmission
Tibet Action Institute
General discussion on how it integrates with other Google Plus features
Hangout with several friends

Two guys on Facebook and Skype comparing Google PLus to Facebook


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

YouTube VideoPlay Shortlist - A Biennnial of Creative Video


I'm reviewing all of the shortlist of videos selected from among 23,000 submitted to the Youtube and Guggenheim Exhibition scheduled for Oct 21-24th at the Guggenheim Museum. Judging is occuring now, and the top twenty will be selected and announced soon.

I will be posting links to my selections here:

The Traveling Rooms of a Little Giant
Bathtub IV
The Huber Experiment
Stoop Sitting
Kiko Perez Esudio Mendizabal
At the Beach

Monday, January 19, 2009

Santa Rosa's Day of Service


This afternoon, almost a hundred residents responded to Barack Obama's call to undertake a local volunteer project to improve our communities. They joined together to clean up several creeks near Piner Creek in Santa Rosa, California. A local photographer brought his camera, and captured the faces of those involved.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Blazing the California Coastal Trail


Coastwalk California is recruiting volunteers to help emblazen the California Coastal Trail in 2009. Here is a video which describes the volunteer work.

Gregory Fearon

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How it got started


For some time now, I've been creating videos which describe opportunities for those with time on their hands to do interesting things. Mostly, the opportunities have related to getting out and experiencing the great environments in California. With increasing cutbacks in governmental programs at the local level, I thought that it was time that we improved our ability to understand where and when we could spend some of that time volunteering to keep those environments healthy for us to enjoy.

I will post as many short videos as I can produce and acquire, in an organized structure, which help us understand how to get involved easily. I invite others to send me similar videos, and I will ensure they are included.

Gregory Fearon